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Robot Process Automation

Technology that automates repetitive tasks and processes in computer systems through the use of software or robots designed to mimic human actions.

Deep Learning
Deep learning

It is where neural networks, algorithms inspired by how the human brain works, learn from large amounts of data.

Artificial Intelillence

Develop algorithms and models that allow machines to mimic or simulate some cognitive capabilities of humans. 

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

It is based on the analysis and processing of large volumes of data to extract relevant information and make decisions. 



Use of Robotic Enterprise Framework and set of best practices


Interact with applications through the graphical user interface (GUI) or even at the code level, following a set of predefined instructions.

Ingeniero Jeremy Fransua

Types Of Robots

  • Unassisted robots execute tasks and processes completely autonomously, without the need for direct human interaction.

  • Assisted robots are used when there is constant interaction between the robot and human users.

  • Instead of developing applications or making changes to the underlying systems, RPA allows these processes to be automated using the existing user interface.